Katherine Accommodation NT

The NT, Northern Territory relies heavily on the income pulled in from the tourism industry, but has seen its numbers wane in recent years. Tourism currently brings in around $1.7 billion, but that number is down from what it was just 10 years ago. The Northern Territory government is well aware of the issue, which […]

Katherine RV accommodation

Whenever you decide to go on holiday and get away from it all, it’s always nice to have options to choose from when picking a place to stay. Those choices often become limited when you are trying to find a place that is central to all of the things that you want to do and […]

Katherine Motel Accommodation NT

If you like a little slice of adventure added into the mix when you take a vacation, you might very well consider taking a trip through the Katherine Region. There is a ton of area to cover, as the region encompasses about 480,000 square kilometres all told. North to south the area runs from the […]