Aerial view of Katherine Gorge

Katherine Motel Accommodation NT

If you like a little slice of adventure added into the mix when you take a vacation, you might very well consider taking a trip through the Katherine Region. There is a ton of area to cover, as the region encompasses about 480,000 square kilometres all told. North to south the area runs from the Daly River Region to Dunmarra, while east to west sees it go from Queensland through to the West Australia borders. That’s a whole lot of land just waiting to be explored, and there is definitely plenty to see and do.

motel unitsOne of the best ways to plan your trip through the area is to take a look at what’s available and then try to find the Katherine Motel that is most central to the places you want to hit. This can be tough to do when you are not sure of all that’s available, which is why it’s a good idea to see all that you can do while visiting “Adventure Territory.”

A good place to start is to look at all of the different tours that are on offer. While there are some that you can show up to without any prior notice, there will be plenty more that will require you to make a reservation to join. This is especially true if you are planning on visiting the area with the whole family or a larger group. Things like boat cruises, canoeing, and bus charter trips through the area can fill up quickly, so it’s important to plan ahead if these are the things that you specifically want to do.

Another good reason for planning ahead when you are about to travel to Katherine is because many of the activities cost money to take part in. Planning ahead will allow you to work within your budget and get to as many of the great adventure options as possible. If you find that you are being stretched a little thin and won’t be able to get to as many things as you would like, let us make a suggestion you. Why not go with Katherine accommodation that gives you some choices in regards to how you want to live while you are away.

dogs welcomeA great example of this is the Manbulloo Homestead Caravan Park, where there are a number of accommodation options to suit every budget. You can choose to spend your vacation time in a tent, a cabin, or at the main motel, with each part of the park set in a beautiful location close to all of the action. You are going to want a comfortable place to relax after a hard, fun day out and about, and there are few places better in the area than at the Manbulloo Homestead Caravan Park. It’s a secluded spot that is perfect for chilling out, and with the river nearby, you have the option to take a dip or drop a line. You can even bring along the family dog, as this is a place where pets, as well as people, are always made very welcome.